So… What’s with the name?

EDA was established by Lindsay Fraser in May 2014. “I knew that my dream was about to come true – So I had to make sure that my dream had the perfect name attached to it,” Lindsay says. She has always been inspired by her family – they were always running in a million different directions but at the end of the day – her family mattered most. Lindsay’s mom Michelle was always her biggest supporter and she always knew how much dance meant to Lindsay (even when she wouldn’t let her quit when she was five). Lindsay’s sister Raechelle was her very first student. Lindsay began choreographing solos for her sister when she was in Junior High School. “Rae became my project, I wanted her to be amazing and I pushed her like crazy,” Lindsay explains.

Elle is meant to stand for the embodiment of hard work and support, which is exactly what EDA is made up of today. Michelle and Raechelle are a huge part of the reason behind the name; Lindsay believes that with the strong support system she has learned from her parents and the hard work ethic she has instilled in her sister over the years, she can build a dance studio that is second to none.

IMG_0703   65575375-M+-+unexpected+family-044.jpg


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